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 SPRAYpaints  Ordering


So, let's say, for example, you have looked through the gallery, you have decided that you really, really want something...a t-shirt, a canvas piece...whatever...what do you do now? Well, it's easy...


You have two options:


1. You can contact Jeremy via the "contact" tab above, discuss different options, pricing, out the details, pick up your piece/ have it mailed, and BAM!!! have your one-of-a-kind spraypaints piece of artwork!




2. You can check out Jeremy's Online Store where you can 

purchase pre-printed items such as T-Shirts, posters, and even

phone cases! All you need to do is pick your product and check out! 

(And hey, if you don't like the design or the item, you can customize

it...change colors, pick a different shirt, etc....the options are endless!)


Check it out here: SPRAYPAINTS STORE!


And that's it!  Pretty simple, eh? 


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