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Jeremy Spray has been drawing, creating, painting, and doodling since he has been able to pick up a paintbrush. Today, he's still painting and having a blast doing it! Having attended art classes off and on for several years, he was first introduced to the basics of artwork at the age of eight by Brenda Wells, his first and only art teacher out of his hometown of Lewisburg, TN. Under the guidance of Mrs. Wells, he began creating pastel pieces, all while learning about technique, shading, texture, dimension, and other elements of art. Eventually, other mediums, such as water color, acrylic, and different types of fabric paints, were introduced into his palette, allowing him to further broaden his artistic knowledge and experiences. And now, with countless art classes and numerous works of art under his belt, he has decided to take his passion for art to a whole different level by creating "SPRAYpaints." 

About SPRAYpaints


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